"Dr. Seegers is kind, compassionate and well-trained.  He really listens to his patients and takes a holistic approach to healthcare.  I always feel listened to and heard when I speak with him.  He has a vast wealth of information that he is eager to share yet he meets people where they are in the change process.  I always feel like he has my best interest in mind.  He has helped me tremendously through the years and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to friends, family, and neighbors.... and have done so."

         --Tracy Ennis

"Dr. Seegers is the best chiropractor I have ever been to, and I've been to maybe 15 over the last 40 years.  His touch is gentle and wise and wonderfully sensitive, and his personality and demeanor are joyous and full of compassion and humor.  He is an exceptional human being as well as a rare and uncommon doctor."

         --Barry Hyman

"Thoughtful, caring, and extremely skilled, Dr. Seegers gives the best adjustment I have known.  I always leave his office feeling clear and taller with a big smile on my face."

          --Mary Scribner

​"Thanks to him I've been able to continue long distance hiking with my son even though I'm now over 65!"

          --Phillip Miller

"It is the best care I've ever had, I regularly drive an hour and 15 minutes in order to see Dr. Seegers"

          --Joyce Keller

"Dr.Seegers, not just a doctor that can fix you, but one who cares about your lifestyle, general health, nutrition, and well being.  A good man and doctor."

          --Charles A. Wiley

"Dr.Seegers is by no doubt the best in his field---He knows his stuff!  I depend on his adjustments and advice to keep me up and running!"

          --Sarah Snyder

"I have been extremely pleased and impressed with all treatments that I have received from Dr. Seegers.  He also offers very helpful suggestions and information to further improve our health and well-being."

          --Sharon Erbe

"I have been seeing Dr. Seegers for over 16 years.  He has helped me through many severe back issues.  I always come out feeling better----What a great physician.  

         --R. Entwistle

"Dr.Seegers is a very gentle and personable doctor.  He asks and answers all questions and puts you at total ease."

          --Elaine Nessle

""When I moved I put my back in Dr. Seegers capable hands and can say he is a miracle worker.  When I do something stupid and hurt my back he is just a call away and can always seem to fine the time to slip me into what I am sure is a very busy day and help me back onto the path of healing.

     Recently I went to see him with such back pain I thought I ready did something bad and Dr. Seegers put me on the table and after a few minutes said I should have my Gall Bladder looked at.  I said OK and ended up in the Hospital for surgery that night. 

All I can say is THANK God for SUCH a SPECIAL DOCTOR and FRIEND"

          --Nick Buchko

"I highly recommend Dr.Seegers!  He really listens and I don't feel like I'm being rushed, and he has always been able to alleviate the issues I come for.  He is gentle in his manipulations."

          --B. Wulff

"Dr.Seegers is great.  He makes first timers feel at ease and really listens.  5 Stars in my opinion.  I highly recommend him."


"Excellent results for a variety of structural situations.  Major reduction in stress once adjustments are complete.  Dr. Seegers is a fantastic listener and has great advice to accompany his skillful treatment of the spinal aches and pains."

     My early life was filled with much heavy duty activity and was extended 15-20 years because of Dr.Seegers ability to reduce or diminish various pains that were part of my training and hard work.

     Many Thanks for all the great work!!

P.S. Usually able to schedule on a short notice.  A BIG PLUS!!"

          --TJ Hauprich

"Doc's holistic approach to health means I rely on him to help me better access many health concerns.  He is part of a small circle of health care providers I trust."

          --Sue Q

"Dr. Seegers is a kind and caring person.  He is very skilled in his techniques and uses many different modalities.  

      I have had back problems from an injury years ago and have visited many different chiropractors.  Dr.Seegers has been able to bring me back to a full life.  I am grateful for the professional quality care that he provides.

     His thoughtfulness extends to his convenient hours and his willingness to go above and beyond.  He is the real deal. "

          --Lynn Wilbur

"I have been coming to Dr.Seegers along with my two teenagers for over five years !  Not only has he helped any back problems but with various other non back related issues as well.  Not only is he a great chiropractor but I enjoy visiting with him as well."

          --Kelly Behan Talk

"I have been having treatments with Dr.Seegers for many years now.  He has always went above and beyond to help me be "pain free" and if other issues I was having, tried to help me with them also. 

     He is very kind and caring as well as being a "Chiropractor".  And an appointment is always easy to get if an issue arises.  I would recommend him highly.

         --Robbin Morris

"For about 10 years I have been a patient of Dr.Seegers.  He is a kind, considerate, and most importantly an effective practitioner. He's not only interested to my present issues, but also in my general health and well-being.  Without reservatins and with complete enthusiasm, I recommend him."

          --Harry Faddis

"Dr.Seegers has been a huge asset to my life.  He is very personable and accommodating.  I have been a patient of his for over 25 years.  Over that time he has greatly improved the quality of my life through several injuries!"

          -Richard J. Wilcox

"Was wonderful on the phone... Got me in right away.  Was very fair with billing, good sense of humor."

          -Eileen Patten


What our patients say

Meet the DocTor

Dr. Paul Seegers has been interested in alternative medicine and wellness for his entire life. He was born, raised, and educated in New York. His family taught him about the wonders of nature, and he became an avid outdoorsman.  In his youth, he was also very active in sports, particularly running and football.  From his grandparents, he learned about the use of herbal medicine and natural remedies. He also witnessed the effectiveness of chiropractic early on. His father had great success under the care of Dr. William Plumhoff for a sciatic condition, after unsuccessfully seeking medical treatment.  This chiropractor was a great influence on Dr. Seegers, encouraging him to consider chiropractic as a profession.

Following college, Dr. Seegers pursued a master’s degree in chemistry. As a student teacher, he met many chiropractic students who were getting their pre-requisites in his classes. He was inspired and intrigued by these students.  It was at that point that his direction shifted, and he enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic…. the birthplace of chiropractic.    He thrived on the education, and enjoyed being with other people who were like-minded and shared his goals.

After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Seegers worked as an Associate Doctor with Dr. Plumhoff for two years, and then opened his own practice in upstate NY.  Constantly striving to improve and uplift his knowledge in the field of chiropractic, Dr. Seegers frequently attends seminars throughout the United States. He is a Diplomate of Chiropractic Neurology, a Fellow of the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, has received Certification as an Industrial Consultant, and Certification for Impairment Rating.  Dr. Seegers still resides in upstate NY. When he is not helping patients in the office, you can find him cycling, canoeing, fishing, hiking, and spending time with his wife and children.